You are not a Candidate for the ALLON4

Are you a Candidate for the ALLON4
Fewer Implants, Less time and Money combined with a lot of publicity and marketing, the All On 4 has become a very popular and requested treatment option, but is it a good option for you? only In the appropriate circumstances.
This is something that is not mentioned a lot, with the great work and Technique of this Treatment many patients think that they are automatically a candidate for this dental procedure, But the reality is although it is a fantastic option for Thousands, It is not always necessarily the best for you. I know you have seen the information, videos, Talks and many dentists telling you it is, but it is up to you the patient to ask as many questions and ensure you are going to benefit from this treatment.
I have spent the last 10 years assisting and facilitating dental Treatments in Mexico for predominantly American and Canadian patients who have been in need of every type of dental treatment ranging from annual health check ups, simple extractions, Cosmetic Smile make overs, dental Implants and many cases complete Oral Rehabilitations.
I have worked with hundreds of patients, and those who are interested in the ALL ON 4 protocol, and with the many Talented dental Specialists I have long standing professional relationships with in Mexico, have performed hundreds. I was always coming across the benefits and upsides to this technique and was rightly so impressed with the majority of patient outcomes I had been part of facilitating.
But on many occasions I was presented by the specialists with treatment plans for clients and prospective patients that included 5 / 6 / and even times 8 Implants in contrary to the 4 a patient had requested or been told was an option ( All Implant cases are revised with the use of CT Scan imaging, medical history check,) and many times a prospect patient when presented with the treatments would question why more implants were recommended and was this just a try by the specialists to charge more money for the increased amount of implants.
And of course this knee jerk reaction can be expected as the need for transparency and trust between patient and provider is paramount, so I would sit with the specialists and ask them to explain to me so I could better understand and in turn present and explain to the clients why they would recommend the use of more implants than the 4 that is marketed intensely as a technique for immediate load and for people with not best quality / amount of bone.
It goes without saying that I would always arrange calls / Skype chats between the specialists and prospect patients so the doctors could better explain and show why they had recommended a specific plan that at times varied from the ALLON4 because, well,…… they are the specialists and I am just the bridge for that information.
But in reality it is not always possible to do so as many prospects will be contacting multiple clinics, doctors, facilitators for recommendations and will do a preliminary scan of the treatment cost / then plan and narrow down their choices to the ones that (are financially better for them, and the treatment they have heard so much of and were expecting.)
So with that I started researching when is the technique not the best option for a patient and why the specialists were increasing the amount of implants, this was as much for my understanding as it was to counter the way many clinics I had seen present and market this as the best option for everybody and insinuating that clinics that offered more Implants than the technique of allon4 were doing so because they were either unable or lacked the skill and ability to perform such technique sensitive procedures, which I knew was untrue due to the amount of highly respected specialists I have had the fortune to work with and were well versed and able to perform such treatment techniques.
It took some time to find relevant material on who is not the best candidate for the treatment, it is out there , you just need to refine your search and phrases. I have read, watched and compared that to the talks I have had with many dental implant specialists I know, and wanted to let prospects understand a little better why sometimes a specialist has recommended more implants or why they are not the best candidate for such a procedure.
The most common reasons I found were –
If there are 6 Implants placed and there is an instance that an implant fails due to infection, non osseointergration then the arch is still in a good position having 5 Implants left. When an implant fails with 4 in place the arch is compromised and you will have a 0-on-3. Basically the specialists like to err on the side of caution for the successful outcome for the patient. 
6 is often recommended in the upper maxilla as the bone is less dense than the lower adding more assurance on a long term successful outcome
Patients who have worn dentures for years have substantial bone loss but also lip and cheek support that makes it difficult to achieve a truly esthetic result with the 4 Implants.
The Allon4 Technique requires removing bone
All-on-4 dental implants cannot be placed in the molar areas of the mouth where bite force is greatest.
If one of your angulated implants fails, it will destroy a lot of bone during its removal.
This is not to say you are not a viable Candidate for the ALLON4 but it is vitally important, especially if you are planning on traveling for such treatment that you are placing your case in the hands of abled and respected dental Specialists with the necessary knowledge and Experience to provide you with a breakdown of their recommendations and why.
Sources on request –

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