The Costs of Dentistry in Mexico

Costs of Dental Treatments in Cancun Mexico

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Why are we here at Dental Destinations Cancun contacted by so many people looking at the options of dental work here in Cancun & Riviera Maya?
What you will find with our affiliated dental specialists and clinics is that they rarely change the costs of their treatments, That is to mean that they do not have a lightening sales on a treatment or if you visit on a Monday between 2 and 2:30 you get 11 % off your next cleaning! (Obviously elaborating there) but you can see what we are saying.

The Treatment costs do not fluctuate because they have been revised, calculated and designed to balance the level of affordability and Guaranteed Quality combined with decades of Experience that enables the costs of nearly all dental procedures to be of such significant savings that you the patient can more easily research your treatments, book your visits with calm and without having to worry if the original cost given will change, lower or increase.


No rushing, or losing out on that months “promotion” or feeling like you lost out on an even better deal. The fact is you should not rush your decisions about who treats your dental needs and even more so that you should not speed up the process without having all the necessary options and evaluations made which is why you should definitely not travel without understanding what the true costs of the work you are about to undertake are and even less if you are doing so just to save that extra 60 dollars.

We know the Financial Motives for traveling for dentistry is the biggest reason, Thats why the costs we have presented to you are those that are to an Industry standard that promises you affordability and peace of mind in the Quality, Care and Outcomes, from real dental professionals who are not trying to fill in their empty schedules, because well they don’t have many spaces 😉

Plus the fact that with Dental Destinations Cancun Completely FREE help, Support and Information you save even more money.
USA/Canada Toll Free 1-800-323-1208


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