How much does Dental Work in Cancun cost Really?

How Much does dental Work in Cancun Mexico Really Cost?
Well like any service, costs can vary greatly, Dependent on Experience, Specialities, Guarantees and so on.
But what does the client from Dental Destinations Cancun Relationship with the GCR Top dental Clinic Mexico 2016 & 2017 get them get for their dollar?
The Below chart is a list of some of the most Common Treatments requested by people contacting Dental Destinations Cancun.
Consultation Free of Charge
Xrays set of 4 Free of Charge
Treatment Plan * Free of Charge
General Cleaning 65 usd
White Resin Filling 95 usd
Simple Extraction * 95 usd
Abscess Drainage *150 usd
Root Canal 250 usd each
Root Canal Re Treatment 375 usd
ZOOM Laser Whitening 400 usd
Porcelain Fused Metal Crown 567 usd
Zirconium Crown 567 usd
E.Max All Porcelain Veneer 567 usd
Inlays / Onlays 450 usd
Teeth Bonding 140 usd Per tooth
Porcelain Veneer 520 usd
Post Core and Build up 120 usd
Complete Cosmetic Smile Makeover Contact for Further Information
ALL ON 4 PER ARCH Contact for Further Information
ALL ON 6 PER ARCH Contact for Further Information
Dental Implant 1st Surgical Stage 890 usd
Crown & Abutment 2nd Stage 735 usd
3 Unit Dental Implant bridge 3765 usd
Virtual Surgery Free of Charge
CT Scan 200 usd
Conscious Sedation with Anesthesiologist 450 usd
Sinus Elevation 1400 usd Per side
PRP Platelet Rich Plasma 350 usd
Bone Graft (Small) 390 usd
Bone Graft (Large) 580 usd
Full Denture 967 usd Per Arch
Implant Supported Overdenture, removable (with 2 implants) 3800 usd
Implant Supported Overdenture, removable (with 4 implants) 7400 usd
Simple Extraction 95 usd
Complex Extraction 180 usd
Surgical Extraction 150 usd
Wisdom teeth Extraction 250 usd
  • * Estimation only and Clinical Evaluation is needed
  • * Agreement with Doctor in Charge is necessary and Conditions can apply.


Support-first approach

We want to ensure you have the best dental experience using our services and are standing by to support you throughout your research, decision and treatments. We aim for quick response times and high levels of satisfaction. We make it easy to connect with the best dental professionals and arrange help with logistical support which can help relieve the stress of dental treatments and allow you to enjoy Cancun & riviera Maya and your Smile.

If you do not see a treatment you are in need of then please just ask, With more than 8 Dental Specialists available to us for your case we can sure have them find a solution for you.

USA/Canada Toll Free 1-800-323-1208 



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