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Type in Isla Mujeres Mexico into google images and prepare to be disappointed,

Disappointed you are not there right now!


From Cancun to Playa del Carmen and Tulum all are popular and instantly recognizable destinations in the Riviera maya, But there is a beautiful little island that many people plan to visit for just a day trip when it is quite possibly another alternative option to staying in the “big resort towns” when visiting for your dental vacation to Cancun. Like many of our Dental Vacation clients who stay in and around Cancun there are becoming more and more requests about Isla Mujeres and rightfully so.

This literal jewel “adrift” 13 kilometers off the coast of Cancún has the charm you would expect from a Caribbean Island mixed with the warmth of the famous Mexican hospitality, Combine this with being the eastern most point in Mexico where the very first rays of the sun touch Mexico ( at the famous Punta Sur ) and you quite literally have found a tiny piece of paradise and at only 7km long and .65km wide we do mean tiny.

Isla Mujeres history is one more akin to a Hollywood Blockbuster, Pre-Columbian times the island was sacred to the Maya goddess of childbirth and medicine Ixchel, Add in Spanish Conquistadors searching for new worlds, throw in a Lovelorn Pirate and you have a small Island with big History.


These days Isla Mujeres is a thriving (although still retains a laid back charm) Island of Day trippers, Vacationers, Locals all enjoying the daily sights, sounds and smells of this tropical Island getaway. The most common form of transport are rented golf carts and allows visitors to make their own way around the island and explore all the most popular attractions while at the same time wandering off the beaten track to lesser known corners of the island.

Bars, restaurants and local hideaways,  underwater museums, Snorkeling off the Reefs and fishing available or maybe you fancy  visiting a Turtle farm to see the conservation work in place and get face to face with some cuteness, Zipling in Garrafon park.  Evenings spent eating fresh Seafood (and a whole much more) and wide variety of Music, drinks and dancing blended with Artisanal fairs offering hand made jewelry and crafts all set to a backdrop of Smiles , Laughter and a contagious urge to return before you have already left. Isla Mujeres has such a pull for those who visit it that they inevitably return.

What our dental vacationers often do is to travel and stay on the island for their Vacations because it is easily accessible by a fantastic and reliable ferry service that have ports from the hotel zone of Cancun to the downtown Puerta Juarez, being the principal and most popular choice due to crossings every 30 minutes and costing around 140 mxn day returns (8 usd) per person and taking only 20 or so minutes to get to, this availability and connection to Cancun allows our clients to travel back and fourth for their appointments with ease and comfort as well as having our drivers waiting to collect them from the ferry terminal to bring them to the clinic (4 minutes away) and returned.

Now a Dental Vacation to Cancun has evolved into a Island getaway dental retreat!

If you are researching Dental Destinations Cancun and the perfect Vacation getaway we can help you.

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